The Price of Enlightenment         

now i am the ground upon which the tigers fight and i remain flat and feel the feet above and the claws slashing as the tigers keep fighting each other.

natural and wild they are, and they do not know what they do, for they are only tigers.

wildly they rip at one another and i am the support upon which their paws rest. i am the ground upon which they nurse their young and where they sleep and i am not different from them except that i do not fight.

Nothing you do will change you, for you need no change. You may change your mind or your body, but it is always something external to you that has changed, not yourself. Why bother at all to change? Realize once for all that neither your body nor your mind, nor even your consciousness is yourself and stand alone in your true nature beyond consciousness and unconsciousness. No effort can take you there, only the clarity of understanding.

So close no matter how far
Couldn’t be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters…

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don’t just say
And nothing else matters…

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know … Yeah heah!


A real master will not give you a window to look at the truth through, he will bring you out under the sky….

A real master… never shows you the path… he simply gives you the light and says: Now take the light and go into the darkness, this light will show your path.


To the man of realization … it is
indifferent whether the senses … are indrawn or turned without. What matters it to the sun whether the
clouds gather together or are dispersed?
Srimad Bhagavatam

Leave experience alone. Let it be what it is. If you want to start changing your experience you have to start changing the universe because the whole thing is interconnected.
Rupert Spira

Awareness - is aware - of awareness

Awareness - is aware - of awareness

I don’t know.

I know little about things and people. I know only that I am, and that much you also know. We are equals.
Nisargadatta Maharaj

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